Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi 2023-12-21T00:00:00+08:00 Malik Open Journal Systems <p>Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi is a scientific journal in the field of theology and mission. Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi has been managed by the Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Injili Arastamar (SETIA) Jakarta since 2018 in print. Starting in 2020, the first semester starts with the Open Journal System. The journal Phronesis: Theology and mission contains scientific articles in the fields of theology, biblical, Systematics, and Mission that promote the novelty of science in the field of Theology. Indonesia is a Christian context experiencing development that is open with ideas that need to be contextualized but maintains biblical teachings.</p> DAMPAK TEKNOLOGI DIGITAL TERHADAP PEWARTAAN INJIL DALAM KONTEKS MENGGEREJA 2023-10-10T15:03:28+08:00 Yeremia Hia Elfin Warnius Waruwu <p><em>The development of digital technology has provided new opportunities and challenges in efforts to proclaim the Gospel. Through social media, websites, and other online platforms, evangelizers can reach a wider audience and communicate directly with individuals or groups. However, not all evangelizers or churches can utilize technology effectively to get new souls into evangelism. In this research, the author uses a qualitative approach, which cannot be separated from observation methods and literature studies, to support comprehensive and valid data. To make good use of the potential of digital technology, this article invites churches and Christian missionaries to continue learning, adapting, and using digital tools in ways that support evangelists' vision. By holistically understanding and using digital technology's impact wisely, churches can strengthen their evangelisation efforts and present the Christian message to an increasingly digitally connected generation.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi PRINSIP POLITIK YESUS DALAM RANGKA MEWUJUDKAN PERADABAN INJIL KERAJAAN ALLAH 2023-08-22T17:18:25+08:00 Sostenis Nggebu Edward Sitepu Dominggus Pote Okki Natanael Edwin Gandaputra Imanuel Kurnia <p><em>The problem of this article is that it examines the importance of understanding the political context at the time of Jesus's life, which became a challenge in His ministry. The Son of God offers true political principles compared to the motives of the socio-political movements of that time. The purpose of this article is to explain the political principles of Jesus to promote the values of the Kingdom of God. As a result, the political principle of Jesus offers human redemption to become citizens of God's Kingdom. Jesus' teachings became the standard that inspired the world order regarding love and truth as the main points of His message (Mk 1:15). In carrying out His redemptive mission, Jesus did not carry guns and swords. However, Jesus' political principles were based on love and truth. In conclusion, the essence of Jesus' politics emphasizes God's mercy for sinners.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi MEMBANGUN MULTI KOMPETENSI PENDETA GBI (STUDI PENINGKATAN KUALITAS SUMBER DAYA PENDETA DI ERA POSTMODERN) 2023-10-18T13:05:41+08:00 Ruben Yonathan <p><em>This research is motivated by the fundamental need to manage tasks and responsibilities in church ministry in the postmodern era, ensuring the availability of human resources with above-average multi-competencies. The rapid development of science and technology significantly impacts human life in various aspects. Specifically, we are currently facing the issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The method employed in this research is descriptive qualitative research. Findings from this research indicate that the postmodern era demands church leaders to possess multi-competencies. The presence of the postmodern era has altered the dynamics of social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of society. The biblical foundation is crucial in developing efforts for the Multi-Competence of Pastors in the Church of Bethel Indonesia to enhance the quality of resources as fitting leaders in the postmodern era. The conditions of society in the postmodern era are sporadic and dynamic, characterized by idealistic and individualistic traits, along with social life trending towards advancement, rationality, and even skepticism. Pastoral leadership also has a sustainability dimension, considering the holistic needs of individuals within the church and nation's communities. This research aims to build the multi-competence of Bethel Indonesia church pastors to have multi-competencies in this postmodern era.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi TO REACH THE UNREACHED PEOPLE: MENGKAJI MISI DAN PELAYANAN MATHEUS MANGENTANG 2023-10-09T15:28:04+08:00 Adi Putra <p><em>One of Indonesia's most critical mission figures is Matheus Mangentang (MM). His project was carried out across nearly all of Indonesia through SETIA and GKSI. Nevertheless, there is a paucity of literature and studies analyzing the missions that MM has completed. Researchers discovered numerous findings through qualitative approaches, particularly literature or literature studies. First, MM's compassion for oppressed souls—the bulk of whom lived in isolated or rural areas—was the catalyst for the birth of his mission. Therefore, that inspired him to reach out to them, uplift them, and share the good news of redemption with them to ultimately free them from spiritual, educational, and even economic weakness.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi KAJIAN TEOLOGIS YOHANES 10:1-18 MEMBENTUK ULANG KONSEP GEMBALA SEBAGAI TELADAN 2023-10-11T10:14:26+08:00 Manuel Marto Pasau Doni Heryanto Daud Manno <p><em>The call to be a pastor in the post-truth era has resulted in the birth of church leaders who lack competence. This problem is challenging for the church to rethink what a true shepherd looks like. This research examines a very famous metaphor from John chapter 10:1-18. It describes how a good shepherd is a characteristic every church leader must have. This research provides three profiles of a good shepherd: content, character, and competence. These three values make a pastor an impactful leader. Here, pastors need to be seen as others who are present as role models, not just leaders with various functions and characters. By studying theology, it is necessary to understand pastors in the current context.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi KAJIAN TEOLOGIS-PRAKTIS TENTANG DOA PUASA MENURUT KITAB ESTER 4:1-17 DAN IMPLIKASINYA BAGI ORANG PERCAYA 2023-10-25T11:11:12+08:00 Febe Seatle Ernawaty Sutikto Nelly <p><em>The fasting prayer in the Book of Esther has not been studied seriously in Indonesia. On the one hand, prayer and fasting are central practices for every believer. On the other hand, some churches seem to be increasingly ignoring the teaching of fasting prayer to believers. This study wants to respond to theological and practical problems in the Indonesian context, although the book of Esther is not the only book that records people praying and fasting. However, this research highlights the implications it could have for modern believers. This research applies literature study using qualitative methods. This research shows that God acted appropriately following Esther's faith, which removed doubts and worries. Fasting prayer became a means for Esther to strengthen her faith in facing the problems.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi ANALISA PANGGILAN TUHAN DALAM KONTEKS MASYARAKAT MAJEMUK DI TINGKAT SEKOLAH 2023-11-07T11:52:51+08:00 Hasahatan Hutahaean Robert Patannang Borrong Stenly Reinal Paparang Riste Tioma Silaen Asmat Purba <p><em>This study aims to find a conception for Christian students of how to understand God's call for Christian students, especially in roles in a pluralistic society. As a large nation consisting of various elements, Christian students in Indonesia cannot stand still and surrender. At the same time, it is asked to answer God's call by portraying oneself elegantly in plurality. Research is conducted with qualitative methods to find clear and correct understanding and guidance. Data was obtained from selected literature based on the suitability of variables and needed part of the answer to the research problem. The result is that differences in ethnicity, culture, religion, and social level are loopholes to carry out God's call in a pluralistic society. Practising a calm attitude and acting out religious moderation is the right way for students to attend school. Research emphasizes that student fellowship in schools is a measured and guided effort to maintain students' faith and trust. Through the fellowship, Christian values and education can be instilled. God's call becomes light, and salt in society can be realized. The diversity of society is precisely God's way for Christian students to answer the divine call.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi MISIONAL EKLESIOLOGI BUDAYA DIGITAL: MENGURAI TANTANGAN GEJALA TRANSHUMANIS DAN CYBORG 2023-10-30T09:50:10+08:00 Tony Salurante <p><em>Not only philosophy, ethics, and other fields but also ecclesiological life are facing severe challenges from the impact of digital culture, which continues to develop endlessly. This context encourages the church to think further about something new to predict what will happen and how it should take its role. This article offers a diachronic mission approach examining current and future contexts. The church is a missionary whose identity is to present the values of the Kingdom of God for His glory. This research indicates that the development of digital culture will be contrary to the Christian faith. This digital world is a context that God allows to occur to prepare for life in the church; every believer understands the challenges of transhumanists and cyborgs around them.</em></p> 2023-12-22T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi PEMBERSIHAN RITUAL DAN SPIRITUALITAS: ANALISIS LUKAS 11:39 DALAM KONTEKS PERIBADATAN 2023-10-02T14:53:44+08:00 Elvinniska Ndruru <p><em>This article analyzes ritual and spiritual cleansing in the context of worship according to Luke 11:39. According to the Pharisees' point of view, religious traditions or rituals must be carried out to maintain holiness because the Pharisees are religious leaders, who have the power to teach other people in worship and determine the regulations for carrying out worship. One of them is washing your hands before eating. The act is considered a necessity to show purity. In reality, the religious rituals of the Pharisees were only to justify themselves, while their hearts were far from God. Christians perform ritual cleansing in worship. This tradition is not wrong; it can only result in a shift in the focus of worship. The desire to appear spiritual is a ritual cleansing many people can see. Spiritual cleansing is the most important thing to do. The method used in this research is a qualitative analytical-theological approach using a literature study method. This research concludes that Jesus' words to the Pharisees about cleaning the cup and plate contain a figurative meaning: the human body, namely the heart. The heart needs to be cleansed from all evil and hypocrisy.</em></p> 2023-12-29T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi KUALIFIKASI PENGAJAR ALKITAB MELAWAN AJARAN SESAT ANTI- TRITUNGGAL BERDASARKAN 1 TIMOTIUS 4:1-16 2023-11-09T09:06:40+08:00 Franseda Sihite <p><em>Heresy teachings that reject the doctrine of the Triune God (anti-Trinity) have emerged since the beginning of Christianity in the world. The form exists in various variants, in principle, denying God's divinity and personal equality existing in the Trinity. New variants, such as Oneness Pentecostalism and Dwitunggal teachings, are still emerging in the current global era. Anti-Trinity teachings are a threat to lead the church astray. A Bible teacher needs to have special qualifications to combat anti-Trinitarian teachings. What qualifications are needed for a Bible teacher against anti-Trinitarian teachings as stated in 1 Tim? 4:1-16 is the research question asked. For this reason, this scientific article was written to explain these qualifications. By using exegesis and literature study methods, it was found that the qualifications that a Bible teacher should have against Anti-Trinitarian teachings are living out the teachings of the apostles by adhering to them and faithfully teaching them, having biblical spiritual-theological competence by understanding the basic principles of the Christian faith (Basic Beliefs), has Pneumatic Inspirational Hermeneutics, and can monitor himself and his teachings.</em></p> 2023-12-30T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Phronesis: Jurnal Teologi dan Misi